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Letter from Leader of UBCV’s Institute for the Dissemination of Dharma on Attorney Cu Huy Ha Vu’s Hunger Strike in Prison

The Most Venerable Thich Thien Hanh Sent Letter To Government Protesting Discrimination Against UBCV Member Temple

United Kingdom’s Parliamentary Delegation Blocked From Visiting Leader of the Banned UBCV

The Most Venerable Thich Thien Hanh Sent Letter To Government Protesting Discrimination Against UBCV Member Temple

Police Harass UBCV Member at Giac Hoa Temple in Saigon, Demanding Ramson

The communist government’s harassment against UBCV member temples is well-documented. We have also experienced hardship, imprisonment, isolation, and harassment. Therefore, monks who follow the UBCV gather around the guidance of the Most Senior Venerable Thich Quang Do, the First Patriarch. Always faithful with the UBCV, as the path of the UBCV is the path of the nation. One should not act against the nation, or his or her religion, just because of the government’s oppression.

Police Harass UBCV Member at Giac Minh Temple in Danang

For almost an entire year, the temple has been completed isolated by a very powerful cadre of local government elements that include police, officials, people’s security, Youth Assaulting group, and even females of unclear ranking who sport both uniform and plain clothes. These government’s agents guard the temple extremely strictly; nobody can enter the temple, nor can anyone leave the temple. Buddhists, followers, and local people have always been blocked and turned away from entering the temple or to visit the Most Senior Venerables and monastic members of the temple.

U.S Commission on International Religious Freedom: Vietnam Is World’s Worst Religious Freedom Offender

Nevertheless, individuals continue to be imprisoned or detained for reasons related to their religious activity or religious freedom advocacy; independent religious activity remains illegal; legal protections for government-approved
religious organizations are both vague and subject to arbitrary or discriminatory
interpretations based on political factors; and new converts to ethnic-minority
Protestantism and members of one Buddhist community face discrimination, intimidation,and pressure to renounce their faith.

Vietnam’s New Religious Oppression Tactic

Anyone who tried to enter the temple was immediately dragged outside by the police. After being dragged outside, Buddhist followers were taken to the office of the People’s Security located right in front of the temple where they were threatened and forced to sign a contract affirming that they absolutely would not go to Giac Minh Temple as it was a location of anti-revolutionists. If anyone disobeyed the order they would be sent to their local government for punishment.

Vietnamese Pastors and Followers Vow To Self-Immolate.

Harassed and forbidden to celebrate Christmas by police on Christmas Eve 2011, Mennonite Pastors Pham Ngoc Thach, Nguyen Hong Quang and almost 200 followers in Thu Duc District, Binh Duong Province vowed to immolate themselves if the police did not cease their suppression campaign against their church.

The Story of The Most Venerable Thien Minh.

A policeman, looking very young but murderous, rushed in. “I am here, Major”

“Beat him up”, the police major looked at The Venerable Thien Minh, jerking his chin.

Needless for a second order, Dinh understood immediately. He walked towards the Venerable Thien Minh slowly. The Venerable tried to wait calmly; he could hear Dinh’s feet beating on the brick floor. The Venerable looked at Dinh’s clenched fist. And the Venerable saw Dinh’s hands appear to swing. The Venerable jerked violently backward, lying flat on the floor. The Venerable’s eyes became blurry in a universe of sparkling stars. Two streams of blood slowly rolled out of the corners of his mouth.

The Venerable struggled to crawl back on his feet. Dinh stood there, quiet; he was waiting for order.

“Keep beating”, the police major jerked his chin.

Religious Discrimination in Vietnam – A Historical Document

Thousands of schools, dispensaries, orphanages and day-care centers, administered by Buddhist workers, have been “taken over to be administered” by the government, and thousands of Buddhist workers have undergone hardship, forced to seek other jobs. The Van Hanh Buddhist University was closed down. The School of Youth for Social Service was closed down. The Buddhist Committee for Reconstruction and Development was disbanded, and its account was blocked.

[…] Pursuing the policy of shattering religious communities in our country, the government has arrested hundreds of monks, confiscated hundreds of pagodas and converted them into government administrative buildings, removed and smashed Buddha and Bodhisattva statues, prohibited the celebration of Buddha’s birthday as a national holiday, made it impossible for monks and nuns to support themselves financially, prevented laymen from coming to temples, and forbidden monks to travel and preach by ordering restrictions in the name of “national security”

The UBCV’s 9th Conference Ended Successfully

On Sunday, November 20, 2011, The ninth UBCV Conference, organized at Dieu Ngu Temple in the city of Westminster, California, ended successfully with the ceremony to nominate the Most Senior Venerable Thich Quang Do to the UBCV’s Fifth Supreme Patriarch and the Praying for World Peace as well as for Vietnam to be liberated from national and dharma tragedies.

Vietnam Facing Grave Danger of Chinese Invasion, Yet The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Continues To Prostrate and Obey Beijing’s Orders.

Youth Buddhist Movement Celebrated Great Filial Ullambana Amid Ruins Caused by Government Agents

Phap Bien Temple’s destruction was not caused by storms or any form of natural disaster. Rather, the razing was caused by government agents and was carried out by bulldozers under police supervision to make sure of a job well done and that not even the temple’s concrete foundation survived the demolition.

Government Repression Against Giac Minh temple in Danang city caused Nun’s Mother’s Death

Under prolonged and intense police intimidation, repression, and harassment, the mother of Bhikkhuni Thich Nu Dong Tam of the Unified Buddhist Church collapsed and passed away right in front of a gang of police.

Vietnamese Government Committed Religious Repression Against Giac Minh Temple in Danang City

Starting from August 9, 2011, the government started the harassment, pressuring Buddhists against going to Giac Minh temple. Traffic police, local police, security, strike forces guarded 24/7 at all directions to the temple. The government placed video recorders at its headquarter across from the temple and recorded vehicle registration plate numbers of Buddhists who were coming and leaving the temple. All Buddhists going to the temple to donate or pay homage to their deceased family members were taken to the government headquarter for interrogation, harassment, and propaganda against the temple. The government threatened these Buddhists not to go to Giac Minh temple or donate fruits or flowers to the temple, or else the government would not tolerate.When Buddhists asked why they were forbidden from going to Giac Minh temple, the officials responded “This is an order from superiors that we have to carry out”.

Vietnamese Police Intinimated, Blocked Monk from Celebrating Ullambana.

At midnight August 11, 2011, about 15 police from Long Thanh District, along with Police from Bien Hoa city and Dong Nai province busted into Ba La Mat Temple; they destroyed the temple’s gate and demanded to check residence registration as they had seen a monastic visitor at the temple earlier.

The Venerable Thich Vien Dinh Alarms: “Our Fatherland is being invaded.”.

Hiding under the flawed Marxist-Leninism, which has “committed crimes against humanity, been denounced by the world, and been abolished in the Soviet Union and Eatern European communist countries, China continues to maintain a socialist framework in order to exploit and cover up its ambition to invade Vietnam through the new colonialism. On the other hand, the Communist Party of Vietnam is trying to cling onto the Socialist ideology in order to maintain its own authoritative power and privileges ...”

UBCV Overseas Office in the U.S Organized Summer Buddhist College’s Course-Ending Ceremony.

The course-ending ceremony of the UBCV’s Summer Buddhist College took place at Dieu Ngu Temple on July 4th, 2011. More than 150 enrollees took part in the ceremony which included UBCV Monks, Buddhist scholars, dignitaries, news and television agencies, and fellow Buddhists.

Overseas UBCV Members Promoted to The Most Venerables.

On June 30, 2011, the Most Senior Venerable Thich Quang Do, Acting President f the UBCV’s Institute of the Sangha signed Church’s Decree number 13 to promote 3 Venerables to the ranks of The Most Venerable. The three Venerables are: Thich Phuoc Nhon, Thich Vien Ly, and Thich An Duc.

Vietnam’s Attack Helicopters Slaughtering Unarmed Religious Followers.

On April 15, 2011, Vietnamese secret police and military advisers coordinated with Laotian special forces to execute 4 Hmong Christian women in Laos’ Xieng Khouang province after seizing their only copy of the Bible. Two of the women were “brutally and repeatedly raped” by government troops before being shot in the head at point blank range by automatic weapons. The women’s husbands and their children were forced to watch the rapes and executions. The fate of the men and the 26 children remains unknown, as they were taken away after being tortured.

Mennonite Pastor Arrested, Assaulted by Police in Saigon, Vietnam.

According to Mrs. Nguyen Thanh Nu, Pastor Pham’s wife, police cuffed the Pastor’s hands and feet, spit on his face, called him a dog (Pastor Pham told her that police said to one another: “let us kill this dog”), and broke his jaws while in police custody at Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, Saigon. Despite Pastor Pham’s excruciating pain, police rejected Mrs. Nguyen’s request to see him. A city policeman name Hung told Mrs. Nguyen that Pastor Pham was arrested for distributing pamphlets calling for protests. However, when Mrs. Nguyen asked about the contents of the pamphlets, Mr. Hung refused to tell her, only stating that protesting was illegal in Vietnam.

Life-long human rights defender Vo Van Ai awarded Special Prize for Freedom

Dr. Vo is the President and founder of the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights (VCHR), a member organization of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), for which he had served as a Vice President for 18 years. The Vietnam Committee aims to monitor human rights in Vietnam, mobilise support for victims of human rights abuses and promote efforts to advance democracy in Vietnam

USCIRF Calls on U.S Government to Place Vietnam in Country of Particular Concerns list

Vietnam, a communist authoritarian state, enjoys an economic assistance package from the US worth $125 million for the current year, a portion of which is meant for improving human rights and religious freedom. However, religious freedom in Vietnam means the government creates policies and registration restrictions to discourage independent religious activities. Additionally, Vietnam’s records on human rights keep deteriorating ever since the country became a member of the World Trade Organization in 2007.

The Most Senior Venerable Thich Quang Do Talks About Anti-China Protests

On June 7, 2011, the Most Senior Venerable Thich Quang Do, Supreme Patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV) gave Radio Free Asia an interview in which he talked about him and other UBCV monks being blocked by police from joining the anti-China protest in Saigon organized by students.

Police Barricaded UBCV Member Temples To Prevent Monks from Supporting Student’s Protest; UBCV Monk Interrogated by Vietnam’s Religious Police

The Most Senior Venerable Thich Quang Do and monastic members of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV) once again planned to support and join the protest organized by students and pupils on Sunday June 12, 2011 in Saigon to denounce China’s invasion of Vietnamese territory.

However, at very early morning, all temples that belong to the UBCV in provinces and districts in Saigon were cordoned off by an overwhelmingly large force of public security, especially at Thanh Minh Zen Monastery and Giac Hoa Temple. Police prohibited all UBCV members from leaving entering their temples and going to Thanh Minh Zen Monastery to take the Most Senior Venerable Thich Quang Do to the protest site.

UBCV Delegration Visited and Presented Gifts to Leprosy Patients in Binh Duong

All 420 patients at the hospital received gift packages from the UBCV delegation that included 1 envelope of 100,000.00 VND in cash, 10 boxes of noodles, 1 can of condensed milk, 1 box of cookies, 1 bottle of fruit juice, and 1 dragon fruit.The delegation also visited patients who are either too old or too frail to get out of their beds; these patients received an additional can of condensed milk in addition to their gift portion.

UBCV Member Temple Celebrated Vesak 2555

On Sunday May 22, 2011, members of Bao Phuoc temple (, a member temple of the Unified Buddhsit Church of Vietnam (UBCV) located at 270 Senter Road, San Jose, California, celebrated Vesak 2555 and the laying of the first brick to build the temple’s main hall.

Repression Against UBCV Temples in Quang Nam – Danang During Vesak

“On the day prior to Vesak, at Giac Minh temple which is the Office of the UBCV Representative in Quang Nam – Danang, the UBCV Youth Bureau, and Youth Buddhist Foundation, the government apathetically issued a decree forbidding “hanging of banners carrying the symbols of the UBCV, reading of Message or Announcement from Thich Quang Do ..and so on

UBCV Members Blocked From Participating in Student-Organized Demonstration

In the phone conversation with Mr. Vo Van Ai of the International Buddhist Information Bureau, the Most Senior Venerable Thich Quang Do said “I am a monk, and I am also a citizen. Nobody can be indifferent when the country’s territory is being poached upon. I am in my advanced years but I am very enthusiastic and confident in young students who are still concerned about the fate of our nation and called on a demonstration to wake up everybody. Therefore, the monks and I want to join and support the student movement. I did not expect that the government ordered police to block people’s patriotism and love for fellow countrymen!”

UBCV Temples in Danang City Cordoned Off During Vesak, Government Personnel In Quang Tri Brutally Assaulted Elderly Frail Woman

All monks, nuns and Buddhist members of Giác Minh temple were placed under house arrest on Vesak day. Police surrounded the temple and arrested those who tried to get to the temple to celebrate Vesask. A monastic member of the UBCV, The Venerable Thích Thiện Phúc was knocked unconscious when he was trying to reach Giác Minh temple; his whereabouts as well as health situation are still unknown.

UBCV’s Second Office Celebrated Vesak Buddhist Calendar Year 2555

On Sunday, more than 5000 Buddhists came to Dieu Ngu Temple to celebrate Vesak with hundreds of Monks and Nuns from Vietnam and other Asian countries. Among the guests were representatives from various religions, political parties, and organizations. The Mayor of Westminster, Margie Rice; The United States Representatives Loretta Sanchez and Ed Royce were among invited guests, and Senator Marco Perduca of the Italian Parliament and Scott Flipse, Deputy Director of Policy and Research from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom were among speakers at the celebration.

Repression Against An Cu Temple in Danang City – UBCV Monk Prepared to Matyr
“The communist government of Vietnam has increased terrorization against establishments and members of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV), specifically Giac Minh Temple and presently An Cu temple of Son Tra district, Danang city.”

“The Abbott of An Cu temple, the Venerable Thich Thien Phuc, is a UBCV Special Youth Affairs liaison in Quang Nam – Danang. Every Vesak and Ullambana, An Cu Temple and its monastic and non-monastic members have to endure abuse paralleled to the oppression against UBCV Representatives in Quang Nam – Danang

Vietnamese Government Contradicts Itself On Religious Freedom

In a flagrant attempt to ridicule itself, a local Vietnamese government in Danang city both honored and rejected religious freedom.

In a letter sent to the Abbott of Giac Minh Temple on May 14, 2011 which was published by the International Buddhist Information Bureau, Do Dinh Phuc, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Binh Hien ward, Danang city, cited a law on Religious and Belief Freedom that guarantees the rights to religion and belief (Article 1) and bans discrimination against religious freedom (Article 8). Contradictorily, in the same letter, Mr. Do Dinh Phuc issued an ultimatum to the temple, which he called “worship office”, to obey the government’s order or risk ‘rough treatment’ during Vesak 2011 celebration.

The Most Senior Venerable Thich Quang Do Answers RFA Interview

On April 6, 2011, the Most Senior Venerable Thich Quang Do of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV) released an Open letter protesting the unjust and unlawful trial against human rights attorney Cu Huy Ha Vu in Hanoi (1). In his letter, the supreme leader of the outlawed UBCV called on the communist government of Vietnam to unconditionally release Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu and to adopt a genuine democracy in which all elements of society are entitled to fundamental human rights.

Human Rights Watch Report: Vietnam Violates International Standards on Human Rights

United Nations Independent Expert: Vietnamese Government Lies

Members of The Buddhist Youth Movement in Danang City Stay Loyal to the UBCV

Vietnamese Hoa Hao Buddhists Vow To Martyr To Protect Their Faith

Human Rights Watch Slams Vietnam’s Record On Religious Freedom

The UBCV Delivers Humanitarian Aids to Storm Victims in Quang Tri City

Vietnamese Police and Authorities Meddle with Buddhist Activities and Intimidate UBCV Members

Human Rights Watch calls on Vietnam to stop abusing human rights against dissidents.

The Wall Street Journal highlights relationship between Vietnam’s rights abuses at home and diplomacy abroad.

The UBCV provides relief packages to storm victims in Ninh Thuan city