· 6 - Buddhist Literature

Poem written by Thich Quang Do

Translated by saveubcv

On  the day of my return

I walk freely on the street

The sun brightly shines

Spring rejuvenates

Blossoming flowers and singing birds fill the garden.

The wind whispers thousand of music compositions through

densely tree shadows.

Green grasses release a whiff of scent into the air.

Everywhere I go,

Beautiful dresses exquisitely flirt with the wind.

Willow trees elegantly bend over under sunlight.

Laughter breaks out in every home,

harmoniously blends in sounds of children’s singing practice.

In human love, people friendly look at each other.

Behind the phoenix’s tail trees,

Under old schools,

Teachers and students exultingly rejoice songs of celebration.

For long gone-Those darken, lengthen days of living in humiliation,

and days of inhuman oppression!

All belong to the past!

The country now looks promising

Like flowers colorfully blossom-Freedom offers life.

Happiness rest upon gentle smiles,

as a welcoming of an endless spring.

For long gone-Those days of hatred and revenge!

Love will guide the future.

Person to person

Hands in hands

Together-We dream of building the future

In peace and happiness

Together-We embellish our beloved motherland

Our country of Vietnam forever glorifies!