· 6 - Buddhist Literature

Poem written by Venerable Thich Quang Do

Translated by saveubcv

It is late now

Rain falls

Chilly wind blows

Oh, child!

Go to sleep

And cry no more!

Do you know,

I am standing by the door,

Listening to your crying,

And pondering myself why ?

This place-where you are lying,

Is the prison of the so-called heroic Vietnam?

-glorified independence.

You are born in the beginning days,

Of an era of peace and happiness.

Later on, you will be the “child of Uncle Ho”,

And learn golden lessons:

“nothing more valuable than independence and freedom”

Do you know, that is such a grand honor?

As for today-being innocent,

You yet not understand,

Such honor will triple when you reach adulthood.

Along with your peers, you will be trained by “Our Party”,

To worthily become youth of the Great Ho Chi Minh’s generation.

Then follow Uncle’s footsteps without reluctance.

Commit to a career or “liberating human lives”

How honorable, and price!

Such a noble mission!

Well, child!

It is already late now,

Rains keep falling

Go to sleep

Cry no more!

Your future will be “bright and shined”