· 6 - Buddhist Literature

Translated by  saveubcv

Listening to you, I learned to sweep leaves

Dead leaves scattered everywhere

he leaf was like a person’s life

With the last destination of returning to dust

I had just swept around a tree

Upon coming back, dead leaves refilled the ground

I pondered if the wind hadn’t blown

Then, those dead leaves would have still hanged on their branches.

Like a person’s life-ephemeral

Like a breathing-come and go

Never return!

Master, I pay my gratitude to you

For a small lesson, but with profound philosophy

Coming home, my heart sank with realization.

The leaf and I, both endure life and death cycle!

The newly-born leaf has a capability of dying.

Just like my life would end one day.

The breeze has no strength

Yet, dead leaves couldn’t resist departing from their branches.

My breath is like the breeze

Where I would go if I do not return to dust?

For long, I engulfed in the pursuit,

Of a grand career, luxurious house,

Children becoming someone

I still await and expect in the future

My grandchildren would succeed.

But I wish of nothing for myself

For one day, I will depart life.

Oh, Master! I pay my gratitude to you,

For my deep reflection

And for the lesson of sweeping leaves.

That is-the leaf and I share a similar fate.

Yet going to where, each must choose our own path.

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