Yesterday Pilgrimage

· 6 - Buddhist Literature

Written by Tuấn Sơn

Translated by saveubcv

Yesterday, I went to the temple.

The cloud drifted slightly over the sky.

It was a mild sunny day.

The autumn wind signaled a change of season.

The temple bell rang gently.

I looked at the smiling Buddha.

Silently, I clasped my palms.

Taking a deep breath, I smiled.

The scents of burning incenses filled the altar.

My Master had taught me: “Life is impermanent.

It encompasses a lot of vicissitudes.

So, it needs love.

You should love everyone, including life like loving yourself.

You should also seize contentment in the present moments.

For-happiness will be blessed everywhere”

I took my mother home after the ceremony.

My mother’s eyes were affectionate.

Her fingers passed through a string of Buddhist prayer beads

She was reciting the sutras.

My mother saw me reckoning.

She urged me to recite Buddha’s name,

And the Graceful Bodhisattvas,

So that I wouldn’t feel so lonesome.

I recited Buddha’s name.

Yet, my mind wasn’t focused.

My heart wandered around.

Thus, my life was still full of chaos.

My mother smiled at me gently.

Her beautiful smile resided between her lips.

Humbly, she questioned me,

Of when I will have my partner.

I looked at my mother and replied:

“I love you, Mother

Life has so much pain.

I promise you that I just love everyone”

My mother looked less happy than she was.

Then she kept praying:

“Buddha, please forgive us

My son is in pain because he has deeply fallen in love”