Vietnamese Hoa Hao Buddhists Vow To Martyr To Protect Their Faith

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Members of Hoa Hao Buddhist Church in O Mon District, Can Tho Province vowed to martyr after suffering repeated abuses by local government.

A member of the Hoa Hao Buddhist Congregation told RFA Vietnamese service yesterday (March 02, 2011) that the situation remained unclear for the Congregation under the terrorization campaign by police and security forces. He confided “Lamenting cries from fellow members are also cries of sky-high indignation by the people around here.”

A local resident said the repression has become unbearable to the Congregation, as during each raid against the Congregation by local authorities, at least from 100-200 government personnel were brought in to seal off and intimidate the Congregation, numbered less than 20. At one point, police bursted into the Congregation without warrant and took away all properties of the Congregation.

One member by the name of Hue Tho described “I’ve always prepared gasoline in my house. If the police push me in a corner, I will die to protect the congregation”. Hue Tho also said he reminded police and local authorities of the revolutions in North Africa and Middle East, specifically Tunisia and Egypt to warn the government of the fate of totalitarian regimes.

Member Hue Tho said the reason for the Congregation to be repeatedly abused by the government is because the Congregation refused to be assimilated by the government.

It is known that many followers of the Hoa Hao Buddhist Church in Western Vietnam have complained about the Management Board created by the government; few in the Board honor the faith’s rules, and that they only speak religion but never practice religion