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Thanh Minh Zen Monastery, 90 Tran Huy Lieu, 15th Ward, Phu Nhuan District, Saigon City

Buddhist Calendar Year 2555 Number: 03/VHD/TB/XLTV


Namo Sakyamuni Buddha


Dear Monks and Nuns,

Dear Fellow Buddhists,

Vesak is an occasion that reminds us of the spirit of repaying debts of gratiude while as the same time emphasizes the vows to salvage sentient beings. In Buddhism, objects of salvation are not limited within familinar boundaries; it expands to countless of sentient beings regardless of friends or foes.

Whatever realm we were born into depends on the karma that we have created. Therefore, suffering realities can only be altered by practicing efforts and endeavoring dharma. Thus, “When do something, think about its consequences”. The story of Maha Moggallana and his mother is a Dharma lesson worthy of analyzing.

The world has been facing many problems ranging from economic, political, education, and environmental crises … to people. Human’s society has had to face with the crisis of suspicions, uneasiness, fear, and hostility. Hostility has killed humanity and made life meaningless. Especially in Vietnam, the country has been facing many disasters with the most urgent being the danger of foreign invasion. The situation in the East Sea has been more and more heated as it is superpowers’ crucial economic and strategic area.

Historical reality has shown that war is destructive, and its consequence is misery. Therefore, involved nations need to clearly recognize great dangers of war, and that the price that countries at war have to pay will be expensive. Not only will there be losses of materials and money but, more importantly, there will also be losses of lives which is an uncompensable damage. Even though oil and natural gas are valuable, they are not as valuable as human lives.

In order to really solve all issues thoroughly, we need to be mindful that, in addition to abiding to International Accords, the importance is, each individual, each country needs to recognize clearly the danger originating from the power ambitions. Greeds are causes of all sufferings and calamities. Where there are greed and hatred, there are insecurity and sufferings. Weapons can kill but that increases hatred; only love can eliminate hatred. Let us put mankind’s long-term benefits ahead of all individual and group ambitions. There is no peace that does not have to pay a comparable price. However, it is a noble sacrifice which is very necessary for mankind’s long-term bliss and happiness.

The Buddha lived in the jungle for a long time; more than 4 decades living place to place with bare hands but the Enlightened One lived blissfully and peacefully. The reason is because the Buddha laid down his compassionate heart to all specices.

On the doorstep of Vesak, on behalf of the Bi-Institutional Council, I encourage all monastics and lay Buddhists inside and outside of ietnam to practice dharma, strive to light up widsom, further develop Ksitighabha’s great vows of Compassion in order to repay the kindness of the 4 kinds of benefactors and to salvage all specices from all sufferings.

I sincerely call on those who call themselves the country’s leaders to place national benefits ahead of the Communist Party’s gains. Only collective strength from a great national bloc is strong enough to protect our territories, and only fellow-countrymenship – not comradeship, has the ability to heal the wounds originating from segregated ideological concepts.

From the location where I have been under house arrest, with all serene energy, I beg to combine with the serene energy from Sangha in the 10 directtions to pray for the ancestors, patriarchs, and numerous parents in past lives, religious and national matyrs, fellow countrymen who were victims of wars, and the ones who died homelessly or unjustly to lean on the dharma energy to dwell in Buddha’s land.

In an exquisite hope, let us pray with our heart and mind for the world to live in harmony, and the nation will soon enjoy freedom, human rights, and democracy.


Namo Maha Moggallana.


Thanh Minh Zen Monastery, July 20, 2011

Acting President of the Institute for the Sangha

and President of the Institute for the Dissemination of Dharma

The Uunified Buddhist Church of Vietnam

(Signed and Sealed)

Sramana Thich Quang Do