Police Repression Against Giac Minh Temple Resulted in Death of Nuns’ Mother

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Under prolonged and intense police intimidation, repression, and harassment, the mother of Bhikkhuni Thich Nu Dong Tam of the Unified Buddhist Church collapsed and passed away right in front of a gang of police.

According to Bhikkhuni Thich Nu Dong Tam’s interview with reporter from RFA, her mother had been very healthy. However, plain-clothed and uniformed police was guarding her house constantly for weeks prior to Ullambana and harassed everyone in her family in order to prevent Thich Nu Dong Tam and her mother from going to Giac Minh temple. Even Thich Nu Dong Tam’s little niece was not allowed to catch a cab home after visiting her grandmother. Police also intimidated Thich Nu Dong Tam’s family members by following them “like a tail” in the house everywhere they went. The government’s inhumane and illegal activities against Giac Minh Temple and Thich Nu Dong Tam’s family has been going on for years, and have lead to her mother’s death from sudden spike of blood pressure. Also according to Thich Nu Dong Tam, her mother’s death is a result of incessant government repression against freedom of religion.