Robbing While Screaming For Help

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Recently, the communist government suppressed and blocked monks and Buddhists from celebrating Filial Ullambana according to annual tradition at Giac Minh Temple in Danang, causing the death of nun Dong Tam’s mother. The government also falsely accused the temple of violating the laws and it deceivingly declared that The Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV) voluntarily merged with the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha which was molded by the Communist government in 1981, hence the UBCV no longer exists …
The issue of middle-aged and elderly people getting ordained, converting households into temples, and so on are normal and legal activities which has been existing in Buddhism since ancient times. Now, the communist government lawlessly calls those activities illegal in order to have excuses for its suppression.
Human rights violation and religious suppression are nature of Communism. In 2004, the U.S placed Vietnam in the list of CPC (Countries of Particular Concern), for human rights and religious abuses.
The Communist Party applies Marxist-Leninism, which is rootless, stateless, atheistic, and “Progressing to Socialism”, which is a grand gimmick of the 20th century. Almost half of the world have been tricked and fell into the communism trap, among them is Vietnam.
However, at the end of the 20th century, the world woke up. The Soviet Union and Eastern European communist countries serially eliminated this tenet.
To this date, none of current Vietnamese government officials can answer the question “What is the model of Socialism?” However they continue to lie and use violence, terrorism, imprisonment, and oppression against the people in an attempt to maintain this evil totalitarian regime.
In 2006, The European Union signed the Declaration accusing Communist Parties as inhumane and committing crimes against humanity.
The U.S established a Memorial honoring more than 100 million victims who were slaughtered by the Communists throughout the world. Among the victims, more than 1 millions were killed by the Communist Party of Vietnam.
The Communist Party uses only violence to pillage the government. The Communist Party has never been elected by the people or won against any party in any civilized and legal election.
The tenet of atheism, rootlessness, statelessness, and progressing to a great common world is a treasonous tenet that rejects national ancestral origin, and especially deliberately eliminate religions or exploits religions as tools, as Lenin once said “The Party has to reach through religions in order to gather and control the public.”
With such a government that has a tendency and policy of treason, religious oppression, how could authentic monks, nuns, and Buddhists and especially the UBCV, a people-created Buddhist Church that inherits a 2000-year tradition of building and protecting the nation from the Patriarchs, could have merged with “The Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha”, a member of the Fatherland Front, a Communist Party’s peripheral political organization?
In 1981, the communist government fabricated a list, used a fake official seal, and impersonated a UBCV delegation participating in the creation of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha at Quan Su Temple in Hanoi and then advertised that the UBCV had agreed to consolidate with the Fatherland Front’s Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha. That was a dishonest propaganda to be used as an alibi to brutalize monks from the temples that remained the stand of protecting the traditional UBCV and not succumb to the Communists.
(For more details, please refer to the “Comments on Grave Blunders by The Communist Party of Vietnam Committed Against the Nation and Buddhism” by the Most Venerable Thich Quang Do and the document “Truth About Unifying Buddhism” by Do Trung Hieu, a Communist official who was the architect in the hatching of the government’s Buddhist Church in 1981)
Vietnam is a nation of which the majority of the population are religious followers. Oppressing against religions means destroying the national vitality.

Thich Vien Dinh