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at Dieu Ngu Temple From November 18 to November 20, 2011.


  1. Realistically recognize strengths and weaknesses in the past, and with available means and solutions, wholeheartedly strive to propagate Proper Dharma in order to both salvage sentient beings and contribute to build a civilized, fair, and compassionate society, which is a crucial element in helping mankind live in freedom, peace, and happiness;
  2. Try to complete as soon as possible the Vietnamese Buddhism volume according to modern historical spirits in order to help future generations understand properly and clearly the History of Vietnamese Buddhism throughout the ups and downs eras of Dharma and the nation;
  3. Draft a proposal to renovate the education for Ordained Buddhist monks and secular practitioners in order to elevate the levels of practice and cultivate, and to adapt to the new century – without changing Buddhist core values.
  4. Draft updated teaching documents for youngsters, adolescents, and college students; pay more attention to virtue education, as life can be truly happy only when virtue education is the foundation for all mental education. Organize scholarly dharma retreats, create opportunities for all levels of lay Buddhists and youths to grow their spiritual belief, further dharma studies, and practice dharma teachings to fulfill the vows to spread dharma to salvage sentient beings.
  5. Develop and enhance the Summer Buddhist College project that has just finished its maiden year to train the personnel for the UBCV at all levels, all disciplines, and especially for young people, adolescents, and college students to understand the teachings of compassion and wisdom, and to apply the teachings into all social activities in the 21st century;
  6. Affiliate Buddhist followers in order to adapt to social developments as well as the country’s situation facing the danger of domestic and foreign invasions;
  7. Expand the discussions to comprehend and populate the UBCV’s documents in order to create understanding and partnership within Vietnamese communities abroad according to the spirit of the 4th Edition of the Constitution at the Ninth UBCV Conference;
  8. Pay adequate attention to poor temples and monasteries in obscure and distant areas, as those are indispensable locations in a Tagatha messenger’s mission who always spreads compassion to all areas;
  9. Properly apply and develop the dharma of Six Rules of Harmony in order to reinforce the Sangha, which is the foundation for all development of the UBCV. However, absolutely do not allow the forces of ignorance to secularize and deteriorate the motto “Dharma Dissemination” of ours;
  10. All members personal conducts should not be associated with and affecting the UBCV’s goals and viewpoints;
  11. Expand and actively pursue the task of campaigning for international support for the 8-point program in the “Call For Vietnam’s Democracy” declared by The Most Venerable Thich Quang Do on behalf of the UBCV’s Bi-Institutional Council in 2001, such as the process to democratize Vietnam by using national compassion, and non-violent methods in order to abolish the nation’s division, poverty, and deterioration;
  12. Expand and actively pursue international campaigns by the International Buddhist Information Bureau and The International Relations Bureau to support the legal re-activation of the UBCV following the Institute for the Dissemination of Dharma’s four points:
    • Firstly, the Social Republic of Vietnam has to re-activate the UBCV’s rights to function legally.
    • Secondly, return to the UBCV all temples, cultural, educational, and charity offices that the regime appropriated after 1975. The fist step includes returning to the UBCV the two primary offices which are Vietnamese National Temple and Quang Duc Cultural Center so that the UBCV can have an office for the Institute of the Sangha and the Institute for the Dissemination of Dharma;
    • Thirdly, separate the Vietnam Buddhist Association, which was installed by the Communist Party and Government of Vietnam, from the Fatherland Front; and
    • Fourthly, publish details about the death of the tate Most Venerable Thich Thien Minh in 1978.


The Conference also unanimously decided that Vesak 2012 (i.e., Buddhist Calendar 2556) will take place at the Headquarter of the Second Office of the Institute for the Dissemination of Dharma at Dieu Ngu Temple, Westminster City, California; the UBCV’s annual Conference will be held at Lien Hoa Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah; and the Summer Buddhist College Retreat will be during the Independence weekend at Dieu Ngu Temple.