· 6 - Buddhist Literature


Poem by Minh Duc Trieu Tam Anh* Translated by Diễm Nghi

Contemplating amid the emptiness of mountain valley

I suddenly noticed, evening hurrily

chased after the cloud.

Time heavily fell on silent rock,

with presence-completely lost in space.

boarded solitude to find tears

in fragile death.

Fireflies have become blind,

leaving the stars

with no one to watch?

A hermit life, an old crab leaving its cave,

high up on a mountain-still afraid of rising tide.

Shirtful dusts- I got exhausted of brushing off.

A reclusive life entailed much annoyances.

A hermit life, a bird on mountain peak,

chanted under new sunlight, amid smog.

It bled by the poet ‘s melancholic soul,

which sparked like fire in the twilight.

I wandered at night under lone moon

Willow trees shivered in rainy dews.

All my life, I denied fame,

to lead a quiet path since the beginning.

Boundlessness is now just a breath

with timeless smiles around here

My life as a hermit, an old crab leaving its cave,

transformed into grasses at the Western hill.

* Minh Đức Triều Tâm Ảnh = Zen Master Giác Đức