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HERMIT AND THE EMPTINESS Poem by Minh Duc Trieu Tam Anh* Translated by Diễm Nghi Contemplating amid the emptiness of mountain valley I suddenly noticed, evening hurrily chased after the cloud. Time heavily fell on silent rock, with presence-completely lost in space. boarded solitude to find tears in fragile death. Fireflies have become blind, leaving […]

In Birth Exists Death

Written by Unknown Translated by saveubcv In birth exists death In death exists birth Living or dying-It is predestined Happiness  or sadness depends on us Life is impermanent. We keep chasing illusions of happiness. One does not worry about death, is a wise person

Yesterday Pilgrimage

Written by Tuấn Sơn Translated by saveubcv Yesterday, I went to the temple. The cloud drifted slightly over the sky. It was a mild sunny day. The autumn wind signaled a change of season. The temple bell rang gently. I looked at the smiling Buddha. Silently, I clasped my palms. Taking a deep breath, I […]


Translated by  saveubcv Listening to you, I learned to sweep leaves Dead leaves scattered everywhere he leaf was like a person’s life With the last destination of returning to dust I had just swept around a tree Upon coming back, dead leaves refilled the ground I pondered if the wind hadn’t blown Then, those dead […]


Poem written by Venerable Thich Quang Do Translated by saveubcv It is late now Rain falls Chilly wind blows Oh, child! Go to sleep And cry no more! Do you know, I am standing by the door, Listening to your crying, And pondering myself why ? This place-where you are lying, Is the prison of […]


Poem written by Thich Quang Do Translated by saveubcv On  the day of my return I walk freely on the street The sun brightly shines Spring rejuvenates Blossoming flowers and singing birds fill the garden. The wind whispers thousand of music compositions through densely tree shadows. Green grasses release a whiff of scent into the air. […]