Message to Readers

Living in the 21st century, it is unimaginable for anyone not to be entitled to freedom of religion. Yet to millions of religious followers in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, that very basic universal human right remains an elusive dream.

For decades, in order to receive billions of dollars in economic aids, the government of Vietnam has been lying to the international public about its records on human rights, especially about its campaigns to eliminate all religions. The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) considers all forms of religions, except Marxist-Leninism, sworn enemies to its authoritarianism, and that all religions must be uprooted and destroyed as they are obstacles to the CPV’s grand scheme to brainwash the entire Vietnamese population. The international public has been being fed propagandas showing more religious institutions being constructed and more religious groups have been allowed to practice their religions in Vietnam while in fact, as a director of Human Rights Watch has observed, religious freedom in Vietnam is a drawn cookie reserved only for state-controlled religious groups that take orders from the communist government to strengthen the CPV’s power grip. On the contrary, traditional and independent religious groups who refuse to bow to atheistic communists have been suffering from relentless waves of ruthless oppression. The Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV) is one of these victims.

The UBCV is a traditional and independent Buddhist Church that inherits a history of over two thousand years from the national forefathers and Patriarchs. The UBCV’s mission is to serve mankind while not subjected to influence from any secular power entity, by spreading the Buddha’s Proper Dharma.

After April 30, 1975, having failed in its numerous attempts to turn the UBCV into a religious puppet for the CPV, the communist government of Vietnam resorted to violence and bribery to undermine the existence of the UBCV. Members of the UBCV who refused to bow to the CPV’s pressure either were killed or have been under indefinite house arrest without trial. Violent oppression against UBCV members and supporters include brutally assaulting elderly monks to flattening children’s Buddhist activity halls.

In abroad, the government of Vietnam has also corrupted and directed a number of degenerated monks and lay Buddhists to betray the UBCV, cause division and, ultimately, debilitation in Buddhist communities.

The government of Vietnam has been bullying its citizen’s dignity and liberties while manufacturing rights records to solicit international donations for too long. It is time for the international public to demand the government of Vietnam to earnestly respect human rights and the rights of any Vietnamese citizen who chooses to be associated with the authentic UBCV or any independent religious organization.

We encourage you to learn more about the UBCV, to help us spread out this message, and to join our efforts to save the UBCV.

Sincerely Yours,